Project management application for Proggio


  • Interactive timeline
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Rich drag and drop


  • Web


  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Redux
  • SVG
  • WebSockets


2 people
25 weeks


June 2017

Proggio develops a new approach to project management.

We've built Proggio's first project management application from ground up to deployment. It introduces project plan visualization and team collaboration, and improves planning, analyzing, tracking and controlling projects using their unique principles, guidelines, and processes.

In June 2017, we have passed the knowledge and further development to Proggio's in-house engineers.

Our people behind the project:
Shay Keinan
Liron Shmuel
The infinite timeline that we implemented from scratch adapts its content and size according to zoom level.
Teams and areas in the sidebar can be reordered via drag and drop
Resizing the sidebar also reveals more options

All the activities on the timeline are movable and editable. If a dragged activity has another activity after it, or links to another activity from a different team, all the activities will move together:

The application always saves your state so you can undo and redo your actions and don’t mess stuff accidentally
One activity can push multiple others, so recursively figure out what activities to push. To make it efficient, we used Dijkstra’s algorithm to find relevant nodes in the timeline.

Since manipulating hundreds of DOM elements in real-time would be very slow, we decided to use SVG elements.

Entity properties can be edited in a properties panel

With real-time collaboration through WebSockets users can simultaneously edit timelines, and communicate with each other through built-in messaging system.

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