Moving planner for Unpakt


  • Interactive calculator
  • Online payments


  • Web


  • AngularJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CoffeeScript


3 people
21 weeks


February 2015

Unpakt helps people move by finding the best available mover.

We helped Unpakt completely rebuild their move booking flow as a single-page application using AngularJS. After launching the new version, Unpakt saw increased booking and lower bounce rates due to much faster and reliable experience.

Our people behind the project:
Ilya Gelman
Yoni Weisbrod
Boris Dinkevich
We don’t wait for server responses to display changes, but gracefully roll back if server returns an error
People calculate precise moving cost by specifying the items they need to move. With optimistic updates, adding or removing of items happens immediately.
The sample items are organised in categories
Special handling suggestions are displayed for specific items based on configuration coming from the server
People are able to move between the steps of the booking flow, i.e. get back to adding or removing of items after having chosen a mover. All the changes are saved in background, even if you are not registered.
Compare movers and sort by price, delivery dates or reviews
Some details such as moving price or packing options are calculated in background without blocking the interface or transitions between steps.
When ready, people book their move using the third-party payment system we’ve integrated into the booking page.
All other static pages became a part of the single page application for faster loading without full-page refreshes.

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