I believe I attended one of the best professional courses in my life, it's well structured and very informative. The instructor is great, open to conversation and knows how to explain in the best possible way, I'm very grateful for attending this course.
Sergey Gamzu
We developed TextRayz Bridge with 500Tech, they are a team of highly professional developers. 500Tech’s speed and availability, coupled with their flexibility to make real time changes, makes working with them an absolutely incredible advantage for us.
Gal Wertman
Founder, TextRayz
Nir is a talented and autodidact developer who i can truly say, will be a great contribution to any company and team he will join. He developed high quality products, gave his opinion and solved problems that helped the company products become better.
Roy Negri
Product Director at MyCheck
500Tech gave us a great developer, equipped with skills that let him understand the requirements quickly and making the job done independently, accurately and with high quality.
Nitzan Aviram
Development Team Leader, Natural Intelligence