Courses and workshops

All our courses and training are built and taught by our engineers. The materials are based on our real world experience of building dozens of different applications and consulting to companies in diverse sectors.

Practical experience

All our teachers have over a decade of hands-on experience and are able to answer advanced questions beyond the teaching materials.

Teaching experience

Over the past half decade, we have taught new technologies and skills to over a thousand developers.

Some companies that we've taught

React and Redux course

3 days

Learn how to use React and Redux to create next generation web applications using examples and a large amount of hands-on coding. The course tries to provide a deep understanding of the underlying React concepts and overview of how they should be used to write complex, large scale applications.

After the course, students will be able to join existing React projects or start developing new projects and features.

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  • Tooling
  • Intro to Redux
  • Routing
  • Intro to React
  • Redux and React
  • Advanced topics
  • Components
  • Middleware

Angular course

4 days

In this course we will learn how to use Angular to create next generation web applications. The course covers all the practical aspects of developing with Angular, and all the platform's main modules and concepts.

This course was built following the multitude of Angular projects we worked and consulted on. It is always kept up-to-date both technically and with new architectural approaches (and gotchas).

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  • Dev Environment
  • TypeScript Primer
  • Architecture and concepts
  • Components Deep Dive
  • Component Composition
  • Providers & DI
  • Router and forms
  • Data Architecture

Advanced workshops

1 day
We offer full-day advanced workshops for your team, to take their skills to the next level, for a variety of web technologies
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