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ReactJS is our Javascript framework of choice for building modern, user-friendly interfaces. Characterized by reusable components, easy debugging of code, and a developer-friendly usage of the Virtual DOM, React is being adopted worldwide.

At 500Tech, we utilize various tools and stay on the cutting-edge of web technologies used in client projects. We’ve been using React since 2015, and still love the framework so much that we frequently offer our insights in articles and talks. Additionally, we host events for Tech Leads in NYC on a monthly basis often covering techniques related to driving successful React projects. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, connect with us here.

We offer a free consultation to any technology executive conducting a cost-benefit analysis of React for their business. We’ll come to your case without bias, and will audit your goals, organizational capabilities, and offering to make recommendations about whether React is right for you. There are many reasons why React could work for you, but it is not perfect for every circumstance. Get in touch with us below to start the conversation.

Build Performant React Websites

ReactJS was invented to solve Facebook’s challenges in building dynamic, complex, user-friendly interfaces. The Javascript library has come a long way since its invention in 2011, but the new approach to webpage rendering and responsiveness to user input hasn’t changed. Even in 2018, we use ReactJS to solve the same challenges in building modern and responsive front-ends. View our Front-end Development Portfolio to see how we’ve levered React as a technology for project management, analytics, and development tool websites and applications. Our React developers work collaboratively to deliver client satisfaction on time and within an affordable budget.

Let’s Discuss Your React Project

React Clinic is 500Tech’s consultation option for technology leaders migrating their website to or building their product with React. This session provides time for you to sit down with a front-end professional to discuss either your React questions or conduct a review of your existing React codebase. We’ll pull from our experiences to answer your questions in a no-risk, no-sales environment. We can also look at the literal code and make suggestions for improvement of architecture and code effectiveness.

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We are leading front-end consultancy specializing in React, React Native and Angular. We build web and mobile apps, train teams and consult on complex projects.

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