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We’ve built many high-performing, user-friendly sites using ReactJS, many of them are viewable in our front-end development portfolio. We are accustomed to using many different technologies, frameworks, and libraries when working with our wide-ranging set of clients. However, we are passionate about using React in many circumstances and love employing it to deliver modern and memorable user experiences.

Consider signing up for React Clinic: a one-time free consultation session with expert React developers from 500Tech. The meeting can be hosted in your office or at our location in the Empire State Building. This is not a sales call. We will have a solutions-oriented discussion around either your goals in incorporating React into your tech stack or based on your existing React codebase.

Some of our spotlighted React applications include a project management tool for Proggio, an agricultural data application forPhytech, and an open-source developers’ tool that we use ourselves. These applications have an extensive set of features all of which are served using ReactJS for their front-end interfaces. For example, the real-time drag and drop of tasks, multi-user collaboration, interactive timeline for Proggio’s project management tool is powered by React and SVG elements.

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We can help you get the most out of your development team, technology, or third-party partnerships. We’re accustomed to leading framework migration discussions, code modernizations, performance optimizations, and strategic decisions around choosing your technology stack. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to making these recommendations. This means React may not be the framework of choice for every project, but our expertise is wide-ranging.

If a company is looking to build in-house, React is best when your development team has experience using JavaScript. React is, after all, a JavaScript library. For large enterprises with many departments and varying levels of established coding standards, React may be burdensome to adopt and Angular may be a better option. React inherently solves one problem well, building modern front-ends. In order to build a complete application, it needs to be paired with other tools and technologies. This can be beneficial for small, agile, free-thinking development teams but difficult for larger organizations who emphasize consistent coding practices.

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Sign up for React Clinic. We’re taking applications from tech leads and senior developers who are seriously considering React or are already using the technology and are looking to optimize their code. We’ll sit down together for an hour and hash out the details of your use case, make strategic recommendations, or make improvements to your code. If this interests you, click above and let’s get started.

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We are leading front-end consultancy specializing in React, React Native and Angular. We build web and mobile apps, train teams and consult on complex projects.

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