On-site consulting

We build complex, intuitive, and high-performing front ends. As a result, we have the required experience to consult development teams and help them maintain, scale, and understand the tech behind their products. From build optimization and architecture to migration and performance, we help organizations make informed technical decisions and guide them through project implementation and maintenance.

Choosing a technology stack

  • Angular, React, or Vue?
  • setState, Redux, or MobX?
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, or Flow?
  • React Native or NativeScript?
  • Mobile Web, Webview, Hybrid, or Native?
  • Ionic or Cordova?
  • Formik or ReduxForm?
  • SCSS, CSS Modules, or Styled Components?
  • Webpack or Rollup?
  • Server Side Rendering or Static Pages?
  • NodeJS, Netlify, or AWS?

Use our expertise to make educated and well-weighted decisions for your next project. Ask us the hardest questions. Your next few years can depend on the right answers.

Framework migration and code modernization

We helped many clients transition their legacy codebases to modern frameworks by defining the best strategy, estimating timelines, and efficiently executing the move without regressions or performance penalties while also passing the knowledge to engineers.


  • AngularJS ⟶ React or Angular
  • Backbone ⟶ React or Angular
  • Ionic ⟶ React Native
  • ngRx ⟶ Redux
  • Angular ⟷ React


  • ES5 ⟶ ES2015+
  • JavaScript ⟶ TypeScript or Flow
  • CoffeeScript ⟶ JavaScript
  • Flow ⟷ TypeScript
  • HTML ⟶ JSX


  • Gulp or Grunt ⟶ Webpack
  • Karma or Mocha ⟶ Jest
  • Monorepo ⟷ Many repos
  • NodeJS ⟶ AWS
  • Bower ⟶ NPM


  • SCSS ⟶ CSS Modules
  • Promises ⟶ async/await
  • VS Code ⟶ WebStorm
  • Underscore ⟶ Lodash
  • require ⟶ import


We help choosing the right strategy to make sure search engines crawl and index relevant parts of your application. We've done server-side rendering, pre-rendering, static websites, and caching.

Performance optimization

Consumer facing applications often require to fast page loads and smooth performance regardless of how old are their users' devices and how slow is their internet connection. We can help your team improve required metrics from time-to-first-byte to time-to-interactive, and help them understand common tools such as flame charts.

Monitoring metrics

Good performance can regress and degrade over time if not carefully monitored and analyzed. We can help define the right metrics and set up performance monitoring tools.

Architecture and infrastructure

We've worked with many types of production applications with various architecture approaches: MVC, Flux, micro front ends, embeddable widgets, and more. We can discuss potential pitfalls.

Technical mentorship and code audit

Make sure your team follows the best practices, makes the right technical decisions, and doesn't accumulate too much technical debt. We come to assess code quality, advise on best practices, and improve your productivity.

Let's meet in your office or over coffee and talk about your front end, technology stack, and current practices. No sales people involved.

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