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We are proud to work with companies of all sizes across various industries to help them create better user interfaces by developing projects, consulting and training their teams. Over the last half decade we helped near 200 companies create high-quality software.

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Advertising and marketing

Global marketing technology company serving the world’s leading brands and agencies
Enables marketers to support any functionality and partnership, transcend the ever-evolving Omni-channel digital environment
AI-powered media-buying platform for mobile-first marketers
Premier technologies for delivering compelling, video-centric experiences
Marketing intelligence platform that transforms the way marketers optimize their marketing performance
Helping businesses in a variety of industries reach their marketing goals
Understand trends, consumer behavior and get needed data and insights to succeed in today’s digital economy
Horizon Media, Inc. is a global leader in data-driven media and marketing.
Engagement and analytical tools that empowers mobile and digital businesses
Agile marketing software powering digital marketing campaigns in more than 190 countries for nearly half of the Fortune 50 and all 10 top global ad agency networks
Email marketing service enabling users to create, send, and track email campaigns without using templates
Enterprise level integrated marketing platform focused on building customer communication strategies using email, text messaging, and social media
Active seeker identification, market research, and marketing strategy development services
Content discovery platform providing publishers a service for recommended links to increase traffic and generate revenue
Marketing platform helping brands use customer voices to tell brand stories
Mobile advertising technology platform. Aquired by IronSource
Taboola helps people find relevant content online, matching them with news stories, articles, blogs, videos, apps and products

Agriculture and manufacturing

Utilizing acoustics monitoring to eliminate blind spots in predictive maintenance, driving efficiency and increasing uptime
Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide range of superior quality control valves
Keeping fields safe from pest and disease
Decision support service to increase farmers' yields and to optimize irrigation

Blockchain and Internet of Things

Make large scale IoT projects easy by automating deployment at a fraction of the time and cost
Largest cryptocurrency exchange in Israel
A smarter baby monitor for the IOT era
Providing blockchain privacy layer services
Developing blockchain-enabled solutions for content publishing and distribution
Loyalty tokens on the blockchain expanding the loyalty ecosystem across the domain industry for digital goods and services

Communities and co-working

EDEA is a coworking hub for the AEC / Built environment industry.

Consumer and business applications

Providing entrepreneurs an easy way to manage all their jobs seamlessly
Interactive social network designed to make parents’ lives easier
A platform to discover, preserve, and share family history
Software platform for small businesses to operate online with millions of registered users in 190 countries
Self-leadership products and resources that help people accelerate their success in life, career, and business

Consumer products

Offering thousands of luxury bath vanities and kitchen & bath products for the home

Cyber security

Automating and orchestrating network security policy management and business applications while ensuring security compliance
Mobile data transfer and mobile forensics solutions
Industry-leading solutions for protecting customers against cyber attacks
Security company focused on striking down targeted cyber threats before they affect business operations
Managed detection and response for the digital business
Providing cloud internet security solutions
Deep learning for cybersecurity, offering unmatched zero-day attack protection
Machine learning-based user and entity behavior analytics for security
Protect Active Directory from every endpoint, agentless
Mobile risks assessment, mobile attacks detection and elimination
Provides cyber risks management solutions
Cyber intelligence tools for governments use only
Protecting organizations by eliminating security threats
Executing active breach scenarios and performing continuous validation to find holes in an environment before an attacker does
Behavioral-based detection with automatic mitigation and forensics
Unknown threat detection solutions to critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and other verticals

Data science and artificial intelligence

AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform that delivers individualized experiences at every customer touchpoint
Comprehensive investigation platform for law enforcement and police agencies leveraging AI and deep learning
Information management consulting services and applications focused on semantic navigation
Minta is a one of a kind AI driven video creation Chatbot
Fuse diverse data sources and apply state of the art machine learning
A platform for data scientists and engineers to manage and operationalize the full lifecycle of AI product operations, from development to post production, in order to function at scale
Prepare, analyze, and visualize complex datasets using one single-stack solution
Verint is the customer engagement company


Video encyclopedia for people to learn about any topic through videos running 1, 2, or 3 minutes long
Hebrew University of Jerusalem is an academic and research institution that offer a diverse array of educational courses
Connect students with tutors that can help them do their homework
Non-state network of schools in Israel that focus on advancement of science and technology education
Israel Institute of Technology is a public research university in Haifa, Israel
Creating technologies that transform the power of knowledge to the magic of learning
Products that provide for end-to-end EdTech solutions, for more effective teaching and learning
Multidisciplinary basic research institution in the natural and exact sciences

Enterprise software and IT

3D design software for use in the architecture, engineering, construction, and media industries
Helping businesses leverage technology to automate business processes resulting in optimized workflows, scalability and higher profits
Business service management platform offering cloud and IT management solutions for businesses
Multi-personal solutions for smart mobile devices that enable two or more individuals to co-exist in one device
Software that is used by service companies to schedule and dispatch field service employees
Live migration and disaster recovery for any application
Comet is a meta machine learning platform designed to build machine learning models
Specializes in the development of websites based on a wide variety of technologies
Transforming computing and providing high quality solutions that empower people to do more all over the world
DocuSign® helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements
Information management and storage software systems
The first Environments as a Service platform for Infrastructure as Code
SaaS platform, focused on improving employee performance
Mobile keyboards and writing enhancement apps that make it easy to quickly write high-quality text
Products, technologies, software, solutions, and services to individual consumers and SMBs
Technology company that enables customers to go further, faster
Help leaders unleash the power of data to drive their intelligent disruption
IT and DevOps professional solutions for work around deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting server tool agents
Binary repository management solution for software developers
Open-source video platform
A software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services
Storage and data management solutions to accelerate business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency
Worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations
Leading the cloud
Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions
CRM systems developed & designed for small and medium sized Businesses looking
Provides a broad spectrum of computer services for most of Israel’s leading companies and organizations
Field service management software for businesses that operate in the field


Wastewater management and monitoring solutions for local authorities, water companies, and corporations
Geospatial intelligence and enterprise natural resource monitoring service

Finance and e-commerce

Empower commerce for businesses large and small with well-priced, on-demand payment tools
A platform enabling small businesses and personal users to compare and buy insurance online
Cloud based retention automation technology for the online trading industry
P2P global solutions provider and connecting users worldwide in order to make transactions with real money
Software house that specializes in the development of financial and information systems
Social trading and investment marketplace that allows users to trade currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks
Order fresh, local, farm-to-table food by creating a scalable alternative to the traditional supermarket
E-commerce company that enables consumers to obtain short-term asset-based loans
Insurance, pension, and financial assets management services and products
Economy management platform built in order to allow communities and businesses to share and collaborate with each other without the use of real money
Cross-border payment platform
Professional online diamond trading network
Technology integrator focused in large-scale EAI, e-commerce, micro payments, content management, and financial banking and brokerage systems
Crowdfunding for causes. A fundraising site for nonprofits and individuals
Connecting retailers and product manufacturers
Help students take control of their student loans and save money in repayment
Financial and marketing software and services for bank and corporate clients
Solution for institutional FX and crypto trading for banks and brokers
Financial technology provider of innovative trading solutions
Ensure investors are offered a trading opportunity that promises the profit potential of a lifetime
Online insurance price comparison engine and online broker in Israel
Pre-owned luxury goods marketplace

Food services

Online and mobile food ordering from restaurants

Government, military and defense

A security company that develops and distributes national mass notification systems
Development and manufacturing of military and commercial aerospace and defense systems
Setting the framework of city's physical and socioeconomic planning. Land use and environmental review, preparing plans and policies, and more
Development and manufacturing of advanced defense systems for the Israeli Defense Forces

Graphics and augmented reality

Video content creation platform for businesses and agencies
Smart visual platforms that enable service providers to interact with the customer via a live virtual channel
Face recognition technologies to allow users to upload and personalize their videos and share them with friends

Hardware and communications

Networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products
Mobile networks and data center energy efficiency
Design, manufacturing, and sale of integrated digital technology platforms worldwide
Multinational communications corporation engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and network infrastructure
High-throughput wireless access points which could be used inside the home to stream HD video
Multinational engineering and electronics company involved in the fields of industry, energy, transportation and healthcare

Human resources and project management

Business outsourcing solutions that facilitate businesses in HR, payroll, and administration processes
A platform for employers to run ads for available positions and for job seekers to receive assitance to help them find employment
Project management and collaborative work management software
A collaborative hiring platform for high-growth companies
Automated customer referral platform
Innovative project management solution based on a new approach called Projectmap
Human capital management solution that provides a remarkable user experience and award-winning software

Medical and bio technologies

Healthcare facilities with web-enabled, advanced solutions for medical imaging. Aquired by Carestream
Healthcare information technology solutions
Providing breakthrough, affordable, and safe technology and software to professionals in Europe and North America
Developing an apparatus for detecting explosive materials odors from inspected persons by using bio sensors
CDI determined to improve the quality of our lives, by creating and promoting technological solutions for challenges of healthy aging and digital health.
Innovative solutions that save lives, improve patient safety and significantly reduce healthcare costs
Health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum
Changing how people pay for healthcare
Theator is building a SaaS platform to provide surgeons with AI-powered decision support tools
Synthetic DNA production for specialty chemical compounds and drug development

Real estate

A platform for landlords and brokers to better attract, convert and retain their most valuable asset – tenants

Software development

Provider of broad range of services and solutions in various technologies
Consulting, development, and execution services to leading technological companies
Mobile software development services
IT services group in Israel providing a comprehensive range of computer services in the field of information technology
Delivering the speed, agility, security and insights necessary to succeed in an evolving marketplace
A modern, human-first community platform for world-changing organizations.
Advanced software development company
Helps the world’s leading transit providers better run mass-transportation
Helping users strengthen every digital interaction with a quality-first approach to creating web and native apps
Technology solutions that transform the way you create and service products; cutting costs, reducing risk, and driving growth
Design, development, and complete solutions which consist of software systems, project operation, infrastructure setup and support services
Zerto helps customers accelerate IT transformation by eliminating the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption

Sports, gambling, and entertainment

One of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment and solutions providers
Content and technology provider specializing in live dealer casino gaming
Web marketplace where customers can compare and book entertainers online
A group of betting and gaming companies, with established retail and online brands
Innovative, advanced systems for the gaming and sports betting industry
Development and engineering of online and mobile web-based games for the soft-gaming industry
Storytelling platform that provides publishers and brands with interactive tools to craft engaging editorial and commercial content
Interactive agency supporting brands in digital screen environment, planning and implementing marketing strategies, designing and developing innovative products
A platform that provides publishers, brands and agencies with tools to measure user's sentiments
Provider of online betting and gambling games


Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies of all sizes, accelerating the industry’s dynamic and continuous digital transformation.
Wireless Services, U-Verse, and Enterprise Applications & Managed Hosting Solutions

Tools for developers

Cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web page
Full set of tools that let developers build, run, and manage serverless applications based on AWS Lambda
Digital Clues has mastered digital intelligence and offers groundbreaking omnichannel intelligence tools and Digital Detective services
Lumigo is a serverless intelligence platform that helps developers monitor, understand and troubleshoot their serverless applications.
End-to-end test management platform that provides testing teams with full visibility of their testing projects

Transportation and travel

Travel search site.
Axilion enables cities around the globe to reclaim their traffic-congested streets by harnessing advanced AI technology.
A website that offers information about Chicago visitors and residents
National airline of Israel with flights to about 80 destinations around the world
Community marketplace for unique local experiences
The management platform for the short term rental industry
A one stop shop for tour operators and other group tourism actors covering marketing, logistic and back office
A trading platform that lets frequent fliers cash out their accumulated miles in airlines loyalty accounts
Search and recommendation platform for villas, suites, and boutique hotels in Israel
Online marketplace for planning, comparing movers, and booking your move
Windward is in the business of analysis to help people understand maritime risk and therefore take actions to reduce it
Mobile travel app that allows its users to organize their travel plans and get real-time flight alerts

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