Celebrating ReactNYC Halfiversary
Last updated on Sep 21, 2017

Sharing knowledge and supporting developers community was always one of the more important things for us at 500Tech.

Last week we celebrated six months for ReactNYC, our meetup for React and React Native developers in New York City. Hard to believe, but in such a short period of time we've got over 2300 members, hosted 15 events at 11 companies with almost 40 speakers, got over 400 followers on Twitter and four sponsors.

Organizing such a vibrant community isn't easy, and luckily a lot of co-organizers are building the community with us. We owe a huge thanks to Kirill Cherkashin, Roman Ilyushin, Liron Burrack, Tessa Park, Ringo Kam, and many others.

At the kickoff meetup, when we saw a line around the block, it was obvious that it would be a huge success. The enthusiasm for React in New York is just amazing.
It is empowering to see so many people at every event. Developers come to learn new things, share their ideas, network with other developers and find a new job. Thanks everyone for coming and being a part of such a great community!

Apart from great talks, presentations, and workshops, we believe that meetups should also be fun. React Quizes and games like React Lifecycle Bingo, React Feud, React Taboo, and Guess the 3rd-party make the atmosphere more chill and inviting for everyone.

Ken Wheeler explains how to build Westworld with React
Kent C. Dodds makes the audience do squats
Ryan Florence rocks

The past half year was great and we have big plans for the future.

If you are visiting New York, be sure to check out the meetups we're involved with: ReactNYC, AngularNYC, and VueNYC. We also run the Angular Israel and React Israel meetups in Tel-Aviv.

See more videos from the meetup at ReactNYC YouTube channel or from our other events at our company YouTube Channel

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